Prehabilitation of high-risk candidates

for major surgical procedures

Surgifit™ is a digitaly-supported preventive preoperative and personalized program designed to enhance patients’ functional status with the final aim of improving perioperative outcomes, such as postoperative complications, hospital length of stay and use of healthcare resources at 30 days. Main prehabilitation programs may include high intensity exercise training, promotion of physical activity, nutritional optimization and psychological support.

If an individual can cope with the metabolic demand of the surgery, he will successfully overcome it. 


Surgical complications and sub-optimal recovery after surgery accounts for about 30% of the global burden of disease

Potential US$6 bn savings in Spain

*The Lancet – Global Health: Global Surgery. April 2015, vol 3;2:S1-S44

Surgifit™ Solution

Prehabilitation of high-risk patients
for major surgical procedures 

Reduces post-surgical complications up to 50%
Reduces the need for re-interventions
Reduces hospital and ICU length of stay
Average cost saving of 37%

Three Axis Approach

Surgifit™ digital support

The Adaptive Case Management platform of Health Circuit empowers professionals to define

dynamic service workflows as clinical guidelines-based interventions with special input on

exercise training and cognitive behavioral therapies, combined with nutritional and psychological

support. Patients can remotely follow the work-plan in their homes, outdoors or in health clubs.

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