Patient empowerment

for self-management

Health Circuit allows patients to participate in effective
health coaching and self-management strategies.
Patients use Health Circuit on any device to agree on a
goal-oriented and personalized health plan to manage
both expected and unexpected events.

Technology and Services to enable
individualized and value-based care management.

Smart Communication & Collaboration Platform

connecting patients with healthcare teams

Accesibility and Empowerment 

App for patients

Patient empowerment for self-management

Remote monitoring of PROMs/PREMs

Multimedia educational material

Gamification to increase adherence

Multimedia communication channel

Management of unexpected health events

Contact with the care facilitator

Remote Visits


App for patients


Physical activity 

This lets you know how many steps to take, and gives you the option to enter steps manually if you don’t have an activity wristband. You can also connect your device to measure your steps automatically.


The type of prescribed questionnaire is displayed, and you have the option to complete it. Once you’ve entered your answers, the status will change from “Not completed” to “Completed, and you can view your responses.


An introductory text is displayed and you’re given the option of completing the day’s proposed mindfulness exercise. You also have the option of viewing all of the exercises in case you want to do more.

Physical activity advice

Each day a different piece of advice from the clinicians will be displayed. You’ll also be able to view all of the advice if you want more information.

Nutrition advice

This section contains nutrition advice provided by the clinicians, and will be a great help to patients. A different piece of advice will be posted each day.

Health Circuit

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